Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cut-Fall-Crush tests your rope-swinging skill


If you grew up in a rural area like I did, you know that summer swims took place in creek, a lake or maybe an abandoned stone quarry. Only city kids had pools and lifeguards. And the salient feature of those "swimmin' holes" was a rope swing that some had tied to a tree branch that hung out over the water.

Here's the thing about that swing: If you timed your release just right, you went flying way out from the bank and made a great splash when you hit the water. The girls were sure to be impressed. But if you let go too soon - or held on too long - you dropped into the shallows or, worse, returned for a hard landing back on the bank.

I was reminded of those rope swings when I checked out Cut-Fall-Crush, a colorful new game for Android mobiles. It's based on the same physics as the rope on the riverbank, except instead of you or your friends at the end of the rope, there's a geometric shape: a square, triangle, hexagon or a star.

But the idea is the same. You cut the rope and the right point in the arc to make the shape drop where you want it. If it hits a shape of the same color, it crushes the one below. Like other crush games, the goal is to raise your score by clearing out the pile-up below. It's easy to play but hard to master, and that's the mark of a good game.

To test your own rope-swinging skills, download Cut-Fall-Crush in the Google Play Store.


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