Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mobuinet could be Facebook for business


If you are a Facebook member you know how the social network has changed your life. It has put you in touch with people near and far, let you schedule events and share plans, ideas and opinions.

Mobuinet, the Modern Business Network, wants to do all that and more in a business environment. Mobuinet is designed to help professionals and business owners pursue fast-track growth by connecting them with people who have had experience in their chosen fields.

Mobuinet's British creators explain their concept this way: "We harmonize the power of social media and blend it with the right mix of powerful online marketing tools to create a platform where businesses can pitch their ideas and garner valuable feedback from the right crowd."

When Mobuinet launches in mid-2015, that crowd will include business owners, freelancers, NGOs, funding organizations, major corporations and customers. The project is growing its user base through an Indiegogo campaign that hopes to raise £22,000 pounds by Christmas Eve. Anyone who contributes £1 (about $1.55) can join the beta version of Mobuinet. Early members get in position for marketing opportunities and a discount on the membership fee after Mobuinet is launched.

To learn more about the network, visit the Mobuinet website, watch the video below, check out the Indiegogo campaign and sign up for Mobuinet's Twitter feed.


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