Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meeting Assistant puts your tablet to work at the office


Remember that important project planning meeting you attended early this morning? The one before the three other meetings you had today? Do you remember everyone who was there? How about that new girl in marketing, what was her name? And the guy from IT, was he the one with the long hair and short beard, or the short hair and long beard?

Meeting Assistant is a new app designed for just that kind of situation. It lets you make quick notes from meetings while keeping track of everyone who was there. By using profile cards from social media and your personal contact list, you can put faces to names, titles and responsibilities.

The app includes a nifty graphic that lets you fill in the people who are sitting around a conference table and quietly look up their profile information during the meeting. You can also create an agenda from scratch, from one of several templates, or from the information contained in a meeting invitation.

And, when the meeting's over, you can fire off your notes and a quick summary to your boss or your staff - before you head to the next meeting.

Meeting Assistant is a free app available for Androids in the Google Play Store and for the Kindle Fire in the Amazon's Appstore.


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