Saturday, November 8, 2014

JookBox speakers work as a team


I'm betting you've been at a party where people were trying to get their groove on with the music from one little Bluetooth speaker. Thomas Condon was at one of those parties when he was a college student. Unlike you and me, Condon did something about it.

"I was frustrated with the little amount of sound that could be produced by a single portable speaker," he said. "I realized if multiple speakers could be linked, the party would be way better."

Condon went to work and came up with the JookBox, an eight-inch-long speaker that can be paired with up to nine siblings to generate enough sound power to fill up a room and most of a house. "It seemed like such a simple solution, I was amazed that nothing like this existed yet."

Using a special app, JookBox speakers can also deliver music from multiple mobile devices. The speaker also supports sound from televisions and video streaming applications like Netflix to create a surround sound effect.

BSX Electronics has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a target goal of $35,000. Early backers who pledge $99 will get one of the first speakers in their choice of colors.


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