Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jookbox app lets everybody be the deejay


If you’re old enough to remember when bars and restaurants had jukeboxes, you’ll recall that the music machine was controlled by the guy who had the most quarters. Or the girl who had the best taste in music. Or anyone who knew there was a record on the box that everyone would like.

Today, the jukebox at a party or small gathering is likely to be a portable speaker and the one person in charge will be the one with the lone Bluetooth connection. It doesn’t have to be like that. With the Jookbox app, everybody gets to take a turn and being the deejay.

Jukebox can turn a gathering of friends into a listening party where everyone can contribute to a group playlist. With Jookbox on your device, you can be the host and invite others to log in. Jookbox will also show you if anyone nearby is running Jookbox so you can ask them for access.

Or, get the folks who run your favorite coffee shop to install Jookbox so everyone can contribute their tunes. It will be like having a jukebox, but without all the quarters.

The Jookbox app is available free in the iTunes App Store.


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