Saturday, November 29, 2014

Flitto translates the world


The last time I visited I became intrigued by one of the country's many J-pop girl groups. With a little work, I found the group's website and Twitter feed. But, alas, it was all in Japanese and inaccessible to a Westerner like me.

If we hope to seamlessly explore and appreciate the cultures of other countries, we need an app that will do instant or on-demand translations. That's the the goal of Flitto, a recently-updated app that delivers translations in 17 languages, from Spanish, French and German to Korean, Hindi and Arabic. And, of course, Japanese.

Unlike Google an other machine-base translators, which can deliver spotty and sometime inaccurate results, Flitto relies on millions of users to translate for other users. Translators get to sharpen their language skills and earn points for their work, which they can turn into donations for causes such as schooling for children in Thailand or homes for street kids in Kenya. Points can also be exchanged for cash.

To see how Flitto works, visit the Flitto website and Twitter feed or check out the free app in the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.


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