Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Diversiton's calendar marks a world of diversity


When my son was a project manager for a global tech company he would get annoyed when the programmers in London would try to schedule conference calls for Thanksgiving Day. Then he would wonder why coders in the company's Johannesburg office weren't around on April 27. Turns out that was Freedom Day in South Africa.

His company could have used the Outlook Diversity Calendar. It's an company-wide calendar that marks religious days, festivals, holidays and important diversity dates. The calendar was created by Diversiton, a non-profit organization that's dedicated to promoting respect in the workplace.

The calendar can be distributed by email throughout an organization by email and customized by users to include project deadlines and other dates that are special with an organization.

Diversiton is which now selling the 2015 version of the calendar. There are four editions available: for the U.K. £395 (GBP) or U.S. $625 (USD) or Australia $725(AUD) or Canada $695 (CAD).

For more details, visit the Diversiton website and watch the video below that explains how the calendar works.


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