Saturday, November 15, 2014

Disk Cleaner for Macs finds and removes the junk


A person's desk can quickly become cluttered with the detritus of a busy person's work week. Memos, sticky notes, even leftover sandwich wrappers pile up because you're just too busy to clean up and reorganize.

If you could see the stuff on your computer's hard drive, you'd find just as much junk: cache files, downloads, application logs and an full trash can. And all of it is taking up valuable storage space that could be put to better use and sometimes causing your computer to work slower and less efficiently.

Disk Cleaner is a Mac utility that finds and removes all that stuff that you don't need, free your computer from litter and leftovers. Disk Cleaner scours hard drives and solid-state drives sorting out the apps and supporting files that you need and separating them from the odds and ends that you don't. After the scan, the program presents a report showing what and and should be deleted.

I ran Disk Cleaner on my little Macbook Air and it found almost 1 GB of stuff I didn't need. And, when you have only 120GB of storage, every gigabyte counts.

You can read more about Disk Cleaner on Power App's website or buy a copy for $2.99 at the Apple iTunes Store.


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