Wednesday, October 22, 2014

SwiftChat brings discussion forums back to life


People of a certain age (like maybe me), remember a time when you dialed up a computer bulletin board to find and join a rolling discussion on just about any topic. Later came subscription online services like CompuServe and America Online that featured forums and discussion groups.

Today, people seem content to express their opinions on Facebook pages where their contributions quickly evaporate into the digital ether. Anyone who longs for a more structured and possibly permanent vehicle for their comments should check out SwiftChat.

The new app for iOS and Android devices lets users chime in on the latest hot-trending topics or create their own custom chatroom for a more controlled environment. The app has a global reach and it allows group chats with up to 100 participants. Users can Upvote someone's comment -- basically a thumb up -- and that person will earn points to unlock profile images and other features.

Got something on your mind? Ready to vent? Check out SwiftChat in the Apple App Store and Google Play. SwiftChat is also on Twitter.


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