Sunday, October 12, 2014

Share your food choices with the social app Crowdiet


After years spent sharing a home with on and off dieters, I've learned that one important factor with any diet is the ability to talk about what you're eating. Or not eating. our dinnertime conversation often focuses on what foods and ingredients are either in front of us or nowhere to be found anywhere in the house.

The folks who developed a new app called Crowdiet apparently learned the same lesson, that people love to talk about their diet, whether they are trying to lose weight, improve their health, add muscle or just exploring what this gluten thing is all about.

Crowdiet lets people share their meals with their close friends or the wider online world in a social network. Users can comment or share a photo of their latest meal or culinary creation and get immediate feedback from others who share their dietary interests. The app creates a food log that can be shared or kept completely private.

The free app is currently available for Android devices in the Google Play Store. An iOS version is in development.


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