Monday, October 13, 2014

Peepme app lets you share what you buy


Do we really need another social media network? Apparently we do. The folks who created Peepme say more than 300,000 people are active users of the new app. One of them is married to a Kardashian, so it must be a pretty big deal.

Like Instagram, the Peepme app lets users shoot and post pictures along with a caption. But in this case, it's pictures of stuff that you buy or eat and you post the price you paid along with with the photo. It could be an $800 handbag or a $5 latte.

According to Peepme, the app lets users share their spending, buying, and selling lifestyle with other users. The total amount that you spent is displayed at the top of the if the app screen next to your Facebook photo.

You can get more of the Peepme story in the video below of at the company's website and download the free app in Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store. See who's peeping about what on Twitter where you can search the hashtag #peepme.


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