Friday, October 10, 2014

Find iDevices works on Androids to hunt down lost iOS gadgets


"Where's my iPhone?"

I hear that phrase almost every day spoken by a family member or, I'm embarrassed to say, by me. And, if it's not a phone that's gone missing, it's someone's tablet. Our portable devices are so blooming portable that I swear they grow feet and wander off.

Find iDevices is a new app for iOS and Android that will quickly point you to the hiding place of your lost Apple device. The app works like Apple's Find iPhone feature but lets you do it using Android gear.

The program connects directly with iCloud, reports back in a few seconds, and tells you the device's battery status. The basic version is free while the premium version supports Google Maps, sending messages and data wipes.

Get more details and read the reviews in the Google Play Store.    


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