Friday, October 10, 2014

Final Countdown app does more than count down


How much time do you have before that spreadsheet is due? How many days until your mother's birthday? Until the Super Bowl? Until your eggs are full cooked? Until that carton of milk in the refrigerator goes bad?

Aren't we always tracking clicks of the clock to get to some important event? Sometimes it seems like life is series of countdowns, so you might as well be precise about it. And the Final Countdown does that in spades.

The timer app counts off in days, hours, minutes and seconds. Not precise enough for you physicists? You can do milliseconds too. And you can customize the display screen with an image that reflects the event you're are anticipating.

The app also supports multiple events, it issues reminders and alerts, it knows when you change time zones or switch to Daylight Savings Time and you can share a timer with Facebook, Twitter and other channels.

One more nice feature: it will also count up.

Check out the original Final Countdown in the Google Play Store and the new release in the Apple Apps Store.


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