Monday, September 22, 2014

Zmartframe takes touchscreens to the max


After I saw Tom Cruise use a giant touchscreen computer in the the sci-fi movie Minority Report, I wanted one for my own. Fortunately, the technology that will someday produce a screen like Tom's is advancing rapidly.

One of the more promising projects is the Zmartframe Projection Touch Panel which will soon be available in four sizes: 63-, 70-, 73- and 86-inches.

The Zmartframe supports two-touch optical sensing with an engine that allows users to quickly slide, rotate or enlarge images. Remember when Cruise flipped through a stack of digital photos? It's like that.

The ZmartframeMax uses light-weight aluminum sensing strips that can be mounted on any flat surface where an image is projected. The frame is connected to a computer running Windows XP, Vista or version 7 or 8 and requires no specific driver installation.

The developers of the ZmartframeMax have a fun drive underway at Indiegogo where they hope to raise $50,000 by the end of October. Contributors can make a deposit on a frame and choose a size when the product is available later this year or get a discount deal on one of the first units.


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