Monday, September 8, 2014

Moni knows a lot more than you


You may think you've met a few know-it-all types, but you probably haven't met Moni. She's the voice and brain behind askMoni, a website and mobile app that draws on collective intelligence to answer questions.

You can ask her the square root of Pi, the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons or just about anything else you were wondering about. She will deliver an instant answer on almost any topic.

You can help Moni get smarter by opening an account on the askMoni website and answering some of the questions that users have posted. The answers become part of Moni's collection intelligence.

With the mobile version, Moni can also be trained to perform tasks, like launch an application or open a web page. She's kind of like Apple's Siri, but with less of an attitude.

You can find out more about Moni at the website or download the free mobile app at the Apple iTunes App Store or at Google Play.


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