Saturday, September 6, 2014

LEDified wants to put life in a new light


You probably know that the home is the next frontier for digital control and communication, but you probably didn't think that light bulbs would be one of the first targets. But the people at LEDified did.

They are raising money at to support EVA, a product they call "the world’s friendliest recessed light." What they have in mind is an efficient LED bulb that will let homeowners can easily adjust the brightness and even the color of their lighting with just the click of a button. And, this isn't some crazy idea sketched out on a napkin. LEDified has already sold 50,000 units in Australia. The new funding will help bring the unique lights to the U.S.

The EVA bulbs are designed to slip into the standard recessed lighting "cans" used in American homes. They can be controlled by wall switches and and dimmers as well as by the iDim remote control. LEDified says EVA bulbs are both brighter and more energ-efficient than comparable conventional bulbs.

LEDified's campaign is offering a range of rewards for contributors. A $50 pledge gets one light and a remote control. To get the specs on EVA and check out all the rewards, go to the LEDified page at Fundable.


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