Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Converter app calculates almost anything


If you've done much travelling, you probably have a currency converter installed on your smartphone. You'll know in a flash how many dollars you would need to buy 100 euros.

But will your smartphone convert temperatures from Celsius to Farenheit? How about miles to kilometers or acres to square meters?  It will if you install the new Converter app for iOS and Android devices.

The app was developed by engineers at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, a European company that works with high-precision materials in the aerospace, automotive, marine and other industries. The app delivers more than 300 engineering and scientific conversion units in 32 categories.

Some of the conversions, like torque or density, will appeal primarily to engineers, but many others provide useful answers for everyday situations. For example, there's a timezone converter (What time is it now in Prague?), a percentage calculator and a table that will calculate an optimum pace for running a morning jog or a marathon.

I especially like the percentages calculator. I no longer have to remember which value is divided (or multiplied) by which.

Check out Converter in the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.


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