Sunday, August 10, 2014

Calculator for Android keeps it simple


We've all heard that sometimes less is more, but what does that mean? Take the calculator, for example. I have a desk calculator that is far less complicated than many others, yet it has a whole row of buttons that mean absolutely nothing to me. How would I use MR or M+? I haven't a clue.

That's why I like the aptly-named Calculator I found for Android phones and tablets. It has everything you need for everyday use: 10 numeric keys, five function keys and a Clear key, all arranged is large square blocks to minimize errors.

Want more? Switch Calculator to the ergonomic display and you get an additional number key (00) and one more function key. You can also customize it to change colors and deliver a light vibration when a key is pressed. And that's plenty enough for me.

One more nice feature: It's free. Check it out in the Google Play store.


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