Monday, July 28, 2014

Vpnster routes your Android to blocked websites


I used to work at a company that blocked access to YouTube, Pandora and several other streaming sites. The company's official line was that it wanted us wasting time or bandwidth.

I expect they didn't know how easy it was to get around their roadblocks using apps like Vpnster. Those apps make and end run around the company's network blocks by creating a virtual private network and routing a user's traffic through their own servers.

The new Vpnster Beta gives you a free access to more than 15 servers with a monthly quote of more than 500 MB. There's also a Pro version for unlimited usage. In addition to traffic routing, Vpnster promises to protect your identity and block tracking mechanisms to take the worry out of using public WiFi networks.

Vpnster is available free for Android users in the Google Play store


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