Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Enemy Dawn lets you defend Poland from Nazi attacks


In the fall of 1939, the German army swept into Poland, quickly overwhelming the country's defenses. It wasn't much of a fight. But the results might have been different if the defenders had been armed with the Russian-made Katyusha rocket launcher.

That's the premise of Enemy Dawn, a new combat simulation game scheduled to be released next week for the Apple iPad and iPhone. The game lets you fight the war by commanding a mobile rocket launcher and firing against Nazi Panzer tank assaults, Stuka dive bombers, battalions of infantry and even German warships.

The game includes realistic sites and sounds of combat spread over five levels. It starts with the defense of Warsaw and moves up through four more levels that has you fighting infantry troops, recapturing a Polish airfield and shooting down attacking aircraft over Danzig harbor.

Enemy Dawn will be available in both free and paid versions. You can sign up now at the developers' website for email alerts and follow their news on Twitter.


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