Monday, July 21, 2014

CurrentlyDown knows when websites go dark


We've all been there. You type in a URL and nothing happens, or you get a cryptic message about the site not being available. What's the problem? Is it your computer? Your modem and router? Your Internet provider? Or maybe the website is offline.

Sites go down or blink off and on more often that you might think. If you want proof, check out CurrentlyDown, a free site that keeps a 24/7 eye on popular websites.

And you'd be surprised at how many well-known sites take an occasional nap. For example, the BBC's site was down for almost a half hour earlier this month while Facebook and Instagram each winked off for about a half hour last month.

The site lets you type in a URL and get an instant report on its current status and a snapshot of any recent outages. Check out their Facebook and Twitter feeds to get news on outages when they occur.  


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