Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hexama will let smartphones stand and deliver


You've been here before. You want to show your friends a cool new video or a collection of photos. Or maybe you want to watch a TV episode at your desk or in a coffee shop. You've got the material ready to roll, but you just can't get your phone propped up at the optimum viewing angle.

The folks at Hexama feel your pain. They're hard at work on a new and surprisingly simple design for a smartphone stand that will place you handset exactly where you want it and keep it there.

The Hexama stand is pocket-portable and and it works with almost any phone. The adjustable arm pops up and locks into place. Rub a bit of liquid on the surface of the micro-suction pad - a little condensation from a beer bottle will do - and pad sticks tightly to the back of the phone. Now you have a mini theater ready for the show.

You can't buy the Hexama stand yet, but the developers are putting together a Kickstarter campaign that they hope will finance commercial production. Check out the Hexama website for more details and watch the video below to see the stand in action.


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