Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beyond Google: The DeeperQI seminar


For most people, Google has become the go-to source for finding information on the Internet. The search giant indexes billions of web pages and accounts for more  than two thirds of all Internet searches in the U.S. And for many users, Google delivers the cat videos or football scores that they're seeking. So do other popular services like Yahoo! and Bing. But how can researchers and investigators find obscure or sensitive information that might be buried deeper in the Web?

If February, I teamed with Constance Ard to help answer that question. We delivered a 90-minute presentation at Velocity Indiana, a business accelerator in Jeffersonville, Ind. The session was part of Open Office Hours, a monthly program sponsored by Richard Meadows.

Constance is a trained researcher and law librarian. I am a former reporter, editor and webmaster at The Courier-Journal. We work with ArnoldIT and Stephen E. Arnold, a consultant and author who has written extensively about Google and search technology. Their program is based on a series of seminars that was presented twice last fall to more than 500 security and law enforcement professionals.

The presentation included tips and tricks to get around Google's filters, profiles of free and low-cost online databases, and resources to get unfiltered worldwide news. And we used real-world examples to illustrate how different tools can be used to find relationships among businesses and persons of interest.

Here's a four-minute video drawn from our presentation. For more information, visit DeeperQI.com.


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