Saturday, December 28, 2013

CES 2014: Bigger, curvier TVs ahead


Have you heard about 4K TVs? You’ll be hearing a lot about them in a couple of weeks when the International CES opens in Las Vegas.

4K TVs are the next step in high definition. The screens on today’s typical 1080p high-definition TV boast about 2 million pixels. A 4K Ultra HD TV has about 8 million pixels - or about four times the resolution.

Sony, Samsung, LG and the other top TV makers have been talking up 4K for the past couple of years. At last year’s trade show there were a handful of set on display with high-price tags. Sony’s set, for example, was priced at about $25,000.

4K sets will be all over the 2014 show, which opens on Jan. 7 and some will have prices that are closer to the cost of today’s top TVs.

Samsung and LG are also expected to show giant sets that features a curved screen - kind of like an IMAX screen for your home. Both companies have shown a 105-inch curved set, but neither one has suggested what they will cost if and when they go on sale.

Sony is also known to by migrating 4K displays to other products, including camcorders, mobile phones and computers.

Here’s more on what to expect from the big TV makers in a report from CNet


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