Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to get a BOOM out of Bluetooth speakers


With music collections packed into our portable devices and streaming service offering made-to-order mixes, wireless Bluetooth speakers have become our sound system of choice. They're more portable, convenient and often less expensive than cradles or plug-in powered speakers.

But a frequent complaint about wireless speakers is they're not powerful enough. Just two of you relaxing on the back porch? Just about any wireless speaker will keep you entertained. But if you're at the beach, around the pool, at a park or a party, you need something with a lot more muscle.

I think the folks at Logitech may have solved that problem with the Ultimate Ears BOOM. Built in a tube-shaped case that's about he size of a tall soda can, the BOOM is durable and easily portable.

And, boy, can it crank up the volume. This is the loudest and clearest of any Bluetooth speaker that I've tested. UE says the speaker has a maximum volume of 88 decibels, about as loud as a motorcycle or a power mower. If that's not enough, a free UE app lets you link a pair of BOOM speakers, with stereo on each or splitting the left-right channels.

The speaker was easy to pair with both my mobile phone and my tablet and its rechargeable battery is designed to last up to 15 hours between charges. I also like it's convenience. It comes with a small metal loop that can be attached to a clip or cord. It's size also makes it an easy fit for the bottle holder on a bicycle.

The BOOM speaker costs $199 and can be ordered in a variety of colors from or from the Ultimate Ears website.


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