Sunday, September 22, 2013

iProp is a pillow and a tablet stand


When my wife travels, she takes along one of those horseshoe pillows that wrap around your neck. Good for a nap on the plane, but a bit of hassle to carry around.

I found a product that can be both a pillow and a stand for my iPad or Kindle reader. The iProp looks like a squishy oversized softball. It has a flat plastic panel with a notch for your tablet. The beanbag pillow inside lets the iProp work as a stand on almost any surface. It will adjust to fit an airplane tray table, the center console in a car - or even your lap.

The nylon pouch has a zipper opening, which is great for stashing earphones, a screen-cleaning cloth or other small items.  And, when I'm finished watching a movie on my tablet, the iProp becomes my pillow for an in-flight nap.

You can find the iProp in black or gray for about $25 at


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  1. This tablet stand is perfect for taking photos or selfies to avoid blurred image.



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