Monday, September 16, 2013

Findercodes helps find lost pets


When a pet wanders away from home, you want it to be found and returned as quickly as possible. This lost and found kit from FinderCodes can help.

Findercodes uses tags that display QR codes. Those are the blocks of squiggles that you can scan with a cell phone camera. The kit comes with three plastic tags that can be customized just for you. Set up an account on the FinderCodes website, enter the code number from each tag and your contact information.

When someone finds your lost pooch, they scan the tag and you get a text message and an email. You get a map showing the spot where the tag was scanned. When the finder calls, you can make return arrangements.

You can include optional information about your pet, including a vet's name and phone number or any special food or medicine needs. And you can offer a reward, if you wish, using PayPal.

The FinderCodes come three to a pack. In addition to tagging pets, you can also use them on luggage or put one on your key ring - anything that  might get misplaced.

You can find a FinderCodes kit at Target stores for about $25.


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