Friday, November 30, 2012

Stream your life live with Looxcie


So you found a great hiking trail or an interesting neighborhood walk. You could describe it to your friends - or take them with you.

The Looxcie (as in "look-see") is a small video camera that works with your Android or Apple smartphone to capture video of what you see. The video is captured on your phone where you can store it or upload it to the Internet.

A new feature lets you use the Looxcie to broadcast live streaming video to selected friends or the general public. Let's say you're getting a house tour from a real estate agent or watching your daughter's soccer game. A friend or family member can join you using the LooxcieLive app.

The camera doubles as a Bluetooth headset and comes with a collection of ear loops. You also get a clip to attach the camera to the bill of a baseball cap.

The Looxcie's video quality isn't a good as what you get with newer smartphones and it lacks advanced features such as image stabilization, so it may not be the best choice for capturing an off-road bike ride.

The Looxcie costs about $150 at and other online sources Looxcie apps that help you manage, share and stream video are free.


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