Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting light where you need it


The latest ebook readers from Amazon and Barnes & Noble include built-in lights for reading in a dark environment. If your reader goes dark when the lights are out, the Beam N Read can shed a little light on the situation.

The Beam N Read is a battery-powered light that hangs around your neck. It shines light where you need it, on a book, ebook reader, map or keyboard. It's also good for close handwork, like knitting.

The basic version uses three LED bulbs and lasts for more than 100 hours. A Deluxe version has six bulbs and a clip-on magnifier. It also has a pair of color filters that can be used when you want to maintain night vision.

I found the Beam N Read to be a useful device when I'm outside doing night photography and I keep it handy for times when storms knock out the power to our house.

The basic Beam N Read costs about $20 at, the six-bulb version about $30.


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