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What's Doin'? connects users to local events


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I live in a fairly large city and there’s always something going. We have concerts, festivals, sports and loads of community events. But it’s never easy to find all of that activity. I have to go to one website for pop music shows, another for theater schedules, more for different sporting events.

The developers of a new app called What’s Doin’? has set an ambitious goal for themselves: Bring all those events and more under one roof. And I think they’ve made a great start.

When you launch the app, you’ll see some ads on the home screen. The events are one click away behind the calendar icon on a menu strip at the bottom of the screen.

The initial event listings are arranged by date. You get a snapshot of the event with the name and location. Click on a listing to get more details including a description of the event and the start time. A link labelled “Share this event” will open your email or messaging app to forward the listing to friends along with an option to post it on Facebook.

What’s Doin’? tracks your location. That’s a helpful feature if you’re in a new city and want to find a concert or other event nearby. Event listings tell you the distance from your location to the venue and when you click “View Map,” you get a route and driving directions.

A filter option, available under Settings, lets you fine tune what events are displayed. For example, you might be especially interested in business networking events or you want to tune out tune out auctions and garage sales.

It also has a slider control to expand or contract the size of the area being searched. I live about 150 miles from two larger cities, so I can watch for tour stops by my favorite bands.

What’s Doin’? also lets you add an event using a form to enter a description, time, location and other details, including a photo or logo. This could be a good way to spread the word about a sports team or the activities at a school, church or other organization.

And every time someone adds an event, it makes the app more valuable and useful. Because the app is new, the current amount of events is a bit sparse. But the app’s developers say they are working on adding more data as well as an option to purchase tickets through the app.

As word about the app spreads, more people will post events and that will make it more valuable for everyone.

For a closer look at the app in action, check out my video review below. You can also visit the What’s Doin’? website and download the app for free from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.


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