Friday, February 10, 2017

Service provides temporary email addresses


It’s not uncommon for a digital service to demand your email address before it grants you access to a website, a game, a document or a social media platform.

That’s because for marketers, your email address is gold. Once you express interest in their product and hand over your contact address, they can slam your inbox with offers, coupons and assorted dreck.

This is the sort of situation when you might wish you had a disposable email address. That’s exactly whet a service called Temp Mail Address provides.

The site generates a random name under it’s domain and gives you a temporary mailbox. The name and the mailbox live for only one hour, long enough for you to get and deal with confirmation messages or other communication. It's kind of like SnapChat for email addresses.

The service is free and the operators don’t ask for your real address or any other personal information in order to use it. For more details, click the About box on the Temp Mail Address website.


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