Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What do you need to disconnect from cable?


We’ve always been of two minds about cable. We love its convenience and variety but we hate the ever-increasing cost and all those channels that we never watch. 

And we're not alone. A recent survey of U.S. cable subscribers conducted by CouponCabin.com and Harris Interactive found that almost half of the adults polled believe cable TV is a waste of time. More than half said they would cancel their subscription if they had a suitable alternative.

So, what do you need to disconnect? Start with a simple "rabbit ears" antenna. The airwaves are filled with digital channels, many of them in high-definition. 

Digital broadcasting and it works just like the TV we had before cable arrived. In fact, with digital broadcasts, it now works much better. If you have a digital TV, as most flat-screen TVs are, just plug in an inexpensive "rabbit ears" antenna and you can pull in pristine high-definition signals from the major network stations in your area.

That's fine for live sports, local news, and current shows on the broadcast networks. But what about "Mad Men," "Duck Dynasty" and your other cable favorites? I have some tips in my current column at MyWell-Being.com.


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